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CharterAbility’s Launch Crew: 2003

Creativity and output have never been higher than during CharterAbility’s first six months which saw the inaugural meeting in July, the first cruise in September, incorporation in October and a submission for funding to the Ontario Trillium Foundation in November. An incredible amount of work accomplished by the enthusiastic band of seven pictured below.

First Board-625c

Clockwise from left to right: Laurie Campbell (inset), Tom Redpath, Alan Tonge,
Eric Rogers, Deborah Dennison, Dion Sceats, Stephen Cull

Special thanks are due to Captain Eric Rogers for making the Wayward Princess available for our fundraising cruises, to Deborah Dennison for coming up with the name, “Cruise for a Cause”, and to Tom Redpath for creating the original newsletter that went on to become our web site.

Stephen, Eric, Dion and Alan formed CharterAbility’s first board of directors. Since then we have welcomed others aboard including Julie Dean, Hasnain Moledina, Katie Hrycun, Melissa Vassallo, and the late Fred Oliver who served the Town of Oakville for many years as Chief of Police and Regional Councillor. We are indebted to them all.

Current Board of Directors

Stephen J Cull

Stephen Cropped-160 Born and raised close to the shores of Lake Ontario, Stephen Cull led an active life until a tobogganing accident in 1991. After 38 days in intensive care and 11 months rehab he was confined to a wheelchair - immensely grateful to those who had brought him through his ordeal, and aware of how fortunate he was to have survived. In the summers that followed he would often sit by the side of the lake watching the hustle and bustle of life on and around the water, remembering the exhilaration of sailing, reflecting on the absence of people in wheelchairs, and wondering if it would ever change. Then he got to thinking, "Why not? Why couldn't people with disabilities experience the pleasures of boating?" Read more...

Captain Eric N. Rogers, P. Eng.

Eric cropped-160Eric has over 30 years of experience in the marine industry, with particular focus on the design, engineering and operation of passenger vessels. An entrepreneurial Torontonian, Eric operated his first water taxi business at the age of 13, and continues to develop and apply a detailed knowledge of the technical, economic and regulatory environment surrounding the passenger vessel industry. As an experienced captain with an engineering background and decades of business management experience, Eric spreads his time between two businesses, Toronto Dry Dock and Nautical Adventures. Read more...

J. Terry Bayley

Terry Bayleyx160 Terry was born in 1950, just south of London, England, and emigrated to British Columbia in 1980. He spent the early years of his life, with his parents and siblings, active in many sporting or athletic endeavours, including playing cricket, and rugby, and any kind of water sport, with passions for competitive waterskiing and sailing. Read more...

Retired Directors

Alan E. Tonge

Alan Cropped-160In his youth Alan had two passions; cricket and aircraft. After trials with the county cricket club, and an offer of a scholarship with the Royal Aircraft Establishment Farnborough, Alan's decision to pursue computing as a career surprised everyone, including himself. "Few people knew anything about computers in those days and I went to an interview out of curiosity more than anything else. That was on a Wednesday. On Friday I was offered a position and a years training conditional upon being at the company's offices in Park Lane, London the following Monday. I didn't have a lot of time to think about it." Read more...


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